About Us

Incorporated in May 2005 PRISM Partners Inc. (PRISM) is a privately held Project Management and Consulting firm based in Burlington, Ontario. With our roots in the healthcare and research sectors, PRISM also serves the academic, municipal and private sectors. We offer a comprehensive suite of services through our two primary divisions, Consulting Services and Project Management Services.

PRISM has built a team that enables us to really understand the landscapes each of our clients must navigate - functional, technical, financial, political, and organizational. For every project, we draw together the PRISM talent that will help our clients make sound decisions and act with confidence. We think about our client's investment as if it were our own. We think hard about whether the extra dollar spent achieves an extra dollar of value.

PRISM believes that the best results come from combining our broad experience with our clients' deep knowledge of their own realities. This is why we bring an open collaborative approach to every project. We are known for integrating seamlessly into our clients' teams, sharing tools and expertise while respecting our clients' knowledge and ideas.

"Any firm can show you a list of degrees and a binder full of tools and templates. But gathering stories like ours takes years of experience working with real people in real communities, making big changes with high stakes."Susan Conner, Co-CEO

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