We have an innovative spirit. Lots of firms promise outside-the-box thinking. PRISM has innovation in its DNA: the first bond financing in Canada to fund a large hospital redevelopment project; the first lease securitization financing to fund research infrastructure; the first Integrated Team Approach to project procurrement and deliverables for a municipality; and the list goes on.

We offer the perfect balance of pragmatism and big ideas. As Entrepreneurs, we know what it's like to have an ambitious vision. And as entrepreneurs, we also know how to get our hands dirty to bring that vision about. We help our clients rise to new challenges and opportunities by immersing ourselves in their contexts and conversations.

We have the right relationships. Individually and as a company, the PRISM team brings to all projects a web of strong relationships across government ministries/agencies, sectors, and industries. Whether you need help navigating a regulartory change, adapting to new funding imperatives, or simply making sure your project proceeds efficiently, PRISM has the networks and experience you need.

"PRISM applies a range of specialized skills and experience to help our clients navigate complex challenges. But really, the PRISM story is simple: we are a company of outstanding professionals who deliver outstanding results."
Roger Conner, Co-CEO