Project Management Services

Clients turn to PRISM when they need focused, accountable experts at the heart of their development process. Overseeing everything from tender evaluation and value engineering to contract monitoring and risk management, we keep the process on target for cost, timing, and quality.

How has PRISM established such a strong record of completing work on time, on budget, and to a high standard? Three key factors:

Experience. From design to construction to occupancy, we know the territory and look out for our clients' interests. Seasoned project managers are intensely involved at every phase of each project.

Intensive monitoring. We put boots on the ground consistently and we communicate with our clients continually. We troubleshoot small problems before they grow, and help our clients avoid surprises.

Fiscal vigilance. We think about our client's investment as if it were our own. We think hard about whether the extra dollar spent achieves an extra dollar of value.

This is PRISM's not-so-secret formula. We use it because it works.

"We do more than deliver a service to our clients. We stand in their court at a time when they're making big investments and facing big expectations. We help them structure and staff the project, then act as their eyes, ears, and advocates every step of the way."